Wedding & Elopement Photographer

Hey, I am Maggie! I’m a wedding and elopement photographer based out of Southern Louisiana. I've been shooting weddings for five sweet years now. I love every second of it because well... I am a sucker for love. Not to mention the cake is an extra bonus. Seriously though, figuring out what my couples quirks and sense of humors are make me one happy gal. I'm all about capturing the two of you for who you truly are. I want to bring out what makes your love unique, because every love is different. Every love is freaking beautiful! You are going to get real close to one another, and I will probably make you nuzzle more than you expect. I want to capture a real connection between the two of you. We will have a blast and laugh a whole bunch. Then I will treat you to ice cream or coffee after our sessions to make up for all the bad jokes I will probably tell. So, if you feel a connection or just want to say hey. Drop on over to the contact page and let's get to talking! 








Traveling is a huge part of my life. It's been that way since I was a kid. Come take a look at some places I have been and maybe plan your next getaway there! 
Travel blog coming soon!! 



I have stacks on stacks of Vogue magazines lying around. Fashion photography and editorial work will always be a big love of mine. Come take a look around at some of the work I have done and maybe shoot me an email to collaborate! I would love to create some magic with you!